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Window fitting for New Builds


New Build homes are more popular then ever. We have made leaps and bounds in recent years to create new homes that are energy efficient, boast fabulous contemporary designs and excellent build quality.


What's all the fuss over window fitting for new build homes about?

The list of benefits of buying a new home is endless. But if you are still not convinced why a New Home could be your next dream home, then read on.

1. Enjoy your new home immediately

When you buy a new home, you can move in as soon as it is finished.

There's no need to spend money or time redecorating and repairing your new home. Some new build house developers even give you the option of designing your new home before it's built so it's decorated exactly to your taste.

2. Relax, it's a new home

New build house developers who are registered with the National House Building Council provide a 10 year warranty. Some New Homes developers offer similar guarantees from other providers.

You can also avoid the often lengthy process of waiting for detailed surveys to be completed on your new home as your guarantee covers any unforeseen problems.

Most new homes have advanced security features as standard, including circuit breakers, fire and smoke alarms.

3. New homes - efficiency without trying

The average new home is up to four times more energy efficient than a traditional second hand home. New homes have excellent insulation and the latest energy saving devices. This means new homes have lower running costs compared to traditional homes meaning new homes are a more eco-friendly way of living.

New homes are designed to minimise waste and to work in balance with the environment. Most of today's new homes developers strive to create a sense of community within the development by adding parks, play areas, and other features for the benefit of the residents.

4. Location, Location, Location

Most new homes are conveniently built close to shops, public transport and other amenities.

When choosing a site, new homes developers give careful consideration to access points and the surrounding area.

No need to feel like 'the newcomers' to the neighbourhood - when you buy a new home, everyone's in the same position as you.

5. New Home, Minimum stress

There are no upward chains to consider when buying a new build house, so the whole process is much less stressful and quicker. Some new homes developers even offer part exchange deals to save even more time.

6. Contemporary living for all

Whether you're a first time buyer, retired or a growing family looking for a larger space, new house builders create new homes for everyone. Most new homes developments have a variety of options for homebuyers including apartments and more traditional homes.

New homes are designed to meet the needs of modern day living - space in a new home is used efficiently & effectively.